Kitchen Styles

Kitchens come in many styles and design. Since a new kitchen costs the most and last the longest, choosing a kitchen styles requires serious thought. Kitchen styles is reflect the taste of the owner and overall styles of feeling of the design of your house.

Speaking broadly, it helps to know if you prefer a more classic or more modern look. Making that decision will help you start to narrow down choices on everything from wall color to kitchen cabinet doors. 



Traditional kitchens

Traditional Kitchen

Traditional kitchens have a formal, elegant look characteristic of American and European homes of the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries. Marked by symmetry and balance and enhanced by the look of fine-crafted details, it is dignified, rich and formal. Choose wood cabinetry (kitchen cabinet) finished with cherry or mahogany stain or painted white, with details like fluted panels, bull’s-eye corner blocks and dentil and crown molding.  For the door style, a raised cathedral panel (top slightly arched) is typical. An elegant marble countertop or a laminate faux version fit well here, as do hand-painted tiles. Polished brass hardware and fittings add an Old Wood touch.

Expect to see for Traditional Kitchens:

  • Cabinets in cherry, walnut and mahogany;
  • Antique fixtures and appliances;
  • Raised panel cabinet door styles;
  • Crown and rope molding, fluting, corbels and other ornamentation and trim;
  • Wood, stone or other natural materials.

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Country Kitchens

Kitchen Styles Country Kitchens
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“Country”  implies a deeper connection to the outdoors and the simple life than other styles and uses an abundance of natural element. Country kitchens are cheery and welcoming, with light and/or bright colors, painted and glazed cabinets, woven baskets, floral motifs, and decorative shelving and molding. Cabinet door styles are typically framed, sometimes with raised panel.
 Expect to see for Country Kitchens:

  • Floral, checked, striped, gingham and plaid patterns;
  • Painted, glazed and distressed cabinet finishes;
  • Window and wall treatments in fabrics such as chintz and calico;
  • Beadboard wainscoting and paneling;
  • Handmade, hand-forged, homespun look;
  • Chicken wire or metal cabinet inserts;
  • Antiques and flea-market finds.

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Contemporary kitchens tend to be described as modern, minimalist and geometric. The characteristics include horizontal lines, asymmetry and a lack of molding and other ornamentation. Materials often are man-made rather than natural: stainless steel, laminate, glass, concrete, chrome and lacquer. Contemporary style is taking a softer turn, even I the kitchen, a place where hard edges, cool reflection surfaces and cutting-edge technology abound. When selecting cabinets for your contemporary kitchen, pair a frameless door with wood finish. Laminate cabinetry is still compatible with this style. 


Expect to see to for Contemporary Kitchens:

  • Cabinet material: stainless steel, white or bold-colored laminate, or subtly grained woods such as birch, ash or maple;
  • Frameless cabinets with oversized hardware;
  • Cabinet door style: slab or horizontal lift-up;
  • Stainless steel and other metallic accents;
  • Frosted glass inserts;
  • Curved cabinets and counters.

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