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Plan Your Kitchen

Kitchen Cabinet Malaysia - Every kitchen must be planned with precision to ensure that you get everything you want from it. Before you think about storage (kitchen cabinet), flooring or work surface, it is important to run through exactly how you will use the space.

  • How many people will use the kitchen to cook, eat, do laundry, tackle homework or just sit and chat?
  • What kitchen appliances will you need?
  • What type of sink do you prefer?
  • How much food storage in the kitchen do you need?
  • How many pots, utensil and gadgets have you got, and would you prefer them on display or hidden in cupboards?



One you have answered these basic questions; consider how to arrange essential elements in the room.

Kitchen Cabinet - Kitchen Work Triangle
Kitchen Work Triangles

The underlying principle of good kitchen design (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) is that of the work triangle, where you can move easily between the cooker, sink and fridge. For a smooth-running kitchen, avoid obstructing the area between these elements. Provide as much work surface nearby as you can.

A truly functional kitchen contains all the appliances you need, together with plenty of storage (kitchen cabinet ) and work surface areas. In a small kitchen, it may be tricky to find the space for everything, but remember that you can always look for suitable kitchen cabinet and combined appliance to create a small but functioning kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Based Cabinet, Wall Cabinet, Tall Cabinet


In Malaysia (especially Kuala Lumpur), kitchen is defined by cabinetry (kitchen cabinet / cooking cabinet ), the configuration of kitchen cabinet creates the workstation and determines the traffic flow, the features of the units introduce functionality and storage and the style of the kitchen cabinet sets the tone for the entire kitchen. Kitchen cabinet in Malaysia (cooking cabinet) normally will be used 50% of the kitchen renovation (kitchen remodeling) budget. A general rule of thumb, the more cabinet boxes you have, the more money you will spend. If your budget is a bit tight, plan to use the largest sizes you can without compromising function and good sense.

It is important to choose your kitchen cabinets carefully, kitchen cabinets provide our kitchen with a huge degree of visual impact, kitchen cabinets create storage solutions and kitchen cabinets integrate our appliances with the rest of the room. We use kitchen cabinets every day, selecting durable and attractive kitchen cabinets should be a top priority. We will be considering varied sizes and shapes of kitchen cabinets, such as wall cabinets, which are those attached to the upper portion of the wall, base cabinets, which rest on the floor and rise to about waist level, and tall cabinets, which run from the floor up 5 feet (1.52m) and above.


Kitchen cabinets come in two types:

  1. Frame Kitchen Cabinet - Frame boxes have a frame applied to the face of the kitchen cabinets, as if a picture was glued to the opening. Normally, only wood kitchen cabinets have framed. The kitchen cabinet door can either cover the whole frame (fully overlay) or just the opening, leaving some spave around the door (standard overly). The some for drawer fronts. The door hinges are visible with a star dad overlay. The look is more traditional.
  2. Frameless Kitchen Cabinet - There is no frame on the box, the doors and drawers always cover the opening completely, Frameless kitchen cabinet are also called Euro-style. The look is sleek and modern.

Storage Needs in your Kitchen

Inefficient storage or lack of storage space is the highest complaint people have about their kitchen. This complaint often arises from builders cutting corners and trying to use the least amount of kitchen cabinets. You can probably find a few lost storage space in your kitchen such as dead corners, which are corners made unusable due to design constraints or blank walls where some type of storage could be used. If you buy in bulk and cooking in bulk, you probably could use a tall pantry and perhaps a larger freezer compartment in your fridge. Your collection of cookware and dishes also drives your storage requirements. Most kitchens have a drawer below the range where pans can be stored. But did you know that kitchen cabinets are available with big, deep drawers for holding cookware? They are called pot and pan drawers, and are more efficient than standard base cabinets with doors for storing cookware.

Please get advice from Kitchen Cabinet Designer if you want to get an efficient storage kitchen.


Custom Kitchen Cabinet

Custom Kitchen Cabinet

Custom kitchen cabinet is not limited in terms of style or size, because they are built to the designer’s specifications. Custom kitchen cabinet is made to fit the specific layout and desired “look” or “style” of a kitchen, with virtually and shape and size units. The options in materials, finishes, interior options and detailing for custom kitchen cabinets are unlimited.

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