Kitchen Layout


There is a number of standard kitchen layout on which you could base your kitchen design.  Depending on the size and shape of you room and where the windows and doors fit it, choose the layout you prefer and adapt it to your individual elements.

  1. Galley Kitchen Design Layout.
  2. L-Shaped Kitchen Design Layout.
  3. U-Shaped Kitchen Design Layout.
  4. Island Kitchen.


Galley Kitchen Design Layout

Kitchen Design Layout - Single Galley Kitchens Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Single Galley Kitchen Design Layout


Kitchen Design Galley Kitchen Design Layout Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Double Galley Kitchen Design Layout

In a long and narrow kitchen, a galley shape kitchen layout is ideal. A single galley has one long line of units and appliances, the sink preferable in the middle, while a double galley consists to two facing lines so the sink can be opposite the hob.

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L-Shaped Kitchen Design Layout

Kitchen Cabinet Design Layout L-Shape Kitchen Layout Kuala Lumpur
L-Shaped Kitchen Design Layout

With the sink on one wall and the cooker on the other, this configuration is very efficient for a square or rectangular room. Wall kitchen cabinet can provide plenty of storage. Plan the corner carefully, the doors of the dishwasher and cooker don’t clash and so you can reach right into the corner kitchen cabinet.

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U-Shaped Kitchen Design Layout

Kitchen Design Layout - L-Shape Kitchen Design Layout Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
U-Shaped Kitchen Design Layout

Using three full walls, the U-shape is efficient and effective. In a smaller room, everything is within easy reach, but if your room is spacious do beware that you don’t have to walk too far from side to side. You may wish to create a peninsular unit that just into the room from end of the U, allowing more room for food preparation, storage and casual dinning.

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Island Kitchens

Kitchen Design Kuala Lumpur I-Shape Kitchen Layout with Island
Kitchen Design - I-Shaped with Island


Kitchen Design - I-Shape Kitchen Layout with Island Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
I-Shaped Kitchen Layout with Island


Kitchen Design Layout - L-Shape with Island
Kitchen Design Layout - L-Shaped with Island

In large rooms, a central “kitchen island” provides extra work space or storage, and can even be plumbed or wired to house hob, sink or fridge. Always a focal point, it needs to be planned so that you don’t waste journeys around it. The centre will be relatively inaccessible, but is a good place over which to hang pots and pans.

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